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Schick Hydro Silk® razor

Recently BzzAgent sent me a  FREE Schick Hydro Silk® razor Starter Kit, complete with a soft touch handle, two cartridges and a convenient shower hanger plus valuable coupons to pass along to friends and family. They must know how much I adore trying out new beauty products. 🙂


For those of you that are not familiar with the Schick Hydro Silk razor I’m going to provide you with a little information that hopefully gets you as excited about it as I now am. The first thing I noticed (and loved) was the color and shape of the razor. The curved, azul colored handle makes it the ideal shape to hang in your shower or place on a shelf without worrying about it sticking or getting knocked around. I prefer to hang mine to allow it dry out thoroughly.

The second thing I love probably the most is that it has a water-activated moisturizing serum around the blades. I didn’t think it would make a huge impact at first but it really improved the look and feel of my legs! I shave my legs in the shower so at some point the shave gel/cream is washed off in certain areas but with the serum I didn’t have to worry about stopping to apply more! I was able to glide smoothly and easily over the area. Note – the serum is there to provide double the glide and moisture but it is not built to use sans shave gel/cream.

My trouble areas, like most women, tend to be my knobby knees and stubborn ankles. I usually never step out of the shower without at least one of those areas looking like a war zone but after using the Schick Hydro Silk razor I didn’t have as many issues as with other razors. I might have had one tiny spot around a kneecap but that’s more of an operator error vs. product error. My skin felt radiant, hydrated and smooth. I was excited to throw on a skirt or pair of shorts even though it’s only January!

In summary, you should run out and buy this razor! There are always great sales going on and I have a few coupons to spare if the local ladies in my life want to bank some savings! If you’ve already tried it I am curious to know your thoughts!

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