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September 2012 – Birchbox #4



Birchbox is a subscription service that sends a goody box full of high-end samples and sometimes full-size products based on the profile you complete to make sure they suit your needs/wants! The subscription costs $10/monthwhich is pretty reasonable seeing as the box itself can contain items WELL over that amount (note – I received my 1 year subscription as a gift for being a loyal customer of Cafe Escapes so check them out and tell them @KimR5 sent you). They also have a nice rewards program, where for each survey you complete for the products that are sent you get 10 points and then every 100 points earns you $10 in Birchbox credits which you can redeem in their online store for full-sized products. One feature I ♥ about their website is that it details featured items you might see in your box, featured items for next month’s box you might see and the tracking number for each package. Extremely helpful – especially to ensure that you received everything that was hand selected for you by Birchbox. Currently they are only offering this for women but I saw a link on their site that shows beta testing for men which would be really interesting! If this sounds like something you’re interested in, please use my referral link to join now!


21 drops | Focus Aromatherapy Blend – Stay sharp with this mind-clearing blend of rosemary and peppermint essential oils. Apply to pulse points and breathe deep. (Full-size, $29)


  • First Impressions: Upon first sniff I was instantly transported back to my massage school days. The delicate blend of rosemary and peppermint both soothe and awaken the senses. The rollerball applicator makes using just the right amount a breeze! It would be perfect on a stressful day, during a massage or even right before bedtime depending on your tolerance for the scent.




Color Club | Birchbox Custom Polish – We teamed up with Color Club to create this custom shade, inspired by the Fal 2012 collections. (Full-size, $8)

  • First Impressions: The color itself is not one I might have picked on my own but now having it at my (literal) fingertips I’m a bit excited about it. I tested it out on one of my nails and the application process was fairly smooth, not too runny (like a lot of other inexpensive polishes) and I could have only applied one coat if short on time.




kate spade new york | Twirl – A blend of fruity and floral notes, this modern classic feels joyful and carefree. (Full-size, $18-$80)

  • First Impressions: It was a bit flowery for my taste just smelling it straight from the tester but once it mixed with my body chemistry it gave off a much more subtle, pleasant, very sophisticated scent. I feel a bit more on the delicate/feminine side while wearing it. I am not sure that I’ll invest in an entire bottle of it but I’ll gladly use the tester right down to the last spritz.




twistband | Hair Tie –Give your ponytail a makeover with these colorful, snag-free elastics. (Set of 12, $18)

  • First Impressions: At first glance there’s no way I would have pegged this item for a hair tie as it looks more like a gift box decoration BUT that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I have extremely thin/delicate hair so making sure that I have minimal breakage is essential. I currently use thin hair bands I purchased at Target but this one definitely blows those away. No matter how tangled of a bun I put my hair into it always slides out with a great sense of ease. No more sacrificing valuable hairs!




WEI to Go | Sleep Over Kit – Wash away dirt and debris with the camellia oil-infused gel cleanser, then perfect your skin with the moisturing face tint. (Full-size, $19)

  • First Impressions: It’s an interested concept although the scent is a bit overwhelming for my taste. I like a cool, clean smell but nothing that takes up camp for any solid amount of time after my skin dries. The moisturizing face tint was a nice tough though. 


September’s box was 75/25 for me. I am pretty sure I’ll break down and buy a set of the hair ties seeing as they look like they’ll last a long time. I’ll definitely make use of the perfume and aromatherapy samples too! Remember, if you want to purchase a subscription use my link to join


Feedback Frenzy

In a world where changes and updates in the realm of technology seem to be moving faster than the speed of light and more companies are utilizing blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking outlets to expand their marketing reach, I decided it was about time to hop on the “bandwagon” for a bit (if only) just to see where it takes me. This is not entirely new to me as I have maintained a personal journal on consistently since about 2000 but the purpose of this blog errs on the side of being opinionated versus emotional.

In March of 2011 I developed a deep appreciation for coupons, giveaways and any other means of saving possible which has resulted in saving more than $1200 (in coupons alone) and a realistic (key word) stockpile of products totaling entirely more than that. Growing up I had a very strong example set of type of lifestyle thanks to my mom who couponed her way to many family vacations and other extras while my dad finished up law school. She taught me that even if you don’t necessarily need to coupon or seek out sales that nobody can afford not to save.

This brings me to present day where I have discovered an entire world of ways in which to earn extra money via online surveys, product testing with the expectation of candid reviews, giveaways galore via Facebook and Twitter as well as a close-knit swap group filled with amazing women (all mothers except for myself) that have shown me that generosity is not a dying breed and bonds can be made even if you’ve never exchanged words face to face.

I am not sure where I will go with this blog but I have a feeling that it’s someplace positive. The opportunities are endless but I have faith in this being a great foundation to further project my personal (re)views.

In other words, a Feedback Frenzy!