Luster NOW! Instant Whitening Toothpaste







Recently Influenster selected me to receive a complimentary #IDoVoxBox. One of the items inside was a tube of Luster NOW! Instant Whitening ToothpasteI’ve tried a few whitening pastes and even had ZOOM! done on my teeth just over 2 years ago but I was still curious to try this product. Something that claims to be instant definitely has my attention (and even a bit of scepticism if I’m being completely honest).

Here are a few claims directly from their website: Instantly whitens teeth after one brushing, removes surface stains with daily use and gentle on teeth and safe for dental restorations. I have 5 crowns in my mouth – 4 of which are front and center in my mouth so I am happy to hear that it is safe for even my situation. However, my crowns are as white as they’ll ever be so making sure that rest of my mouth stays on the same color wavelength so to speak is important.

I put it to the test just the other night and have to say while I was not blown away by the results (as I regularly whiten with trays from my dentist), I did see a bit of brightening up. My mouth felt healthy and seemed a bit more refreshed. I’ll have to continue using the product to see what the results are in the long-term but for now my experience has been a bit more satisfactory than with other whitening pastes. Especially since the results came after 1-2 days.

A 4.0 oz  tube retails for around $7.99.

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