Q-tips® Precision Tips


I was recently selected by Influenster to receive their complimentary #IDoVoxBox. Inside the box were 2 packages of Q-tips® Precision Tips™.Seeing as I just recently started becoming more interested in creative makeup looks I was confident this product would be PERFECT for me! The travel size packaging makes it ideal not only for travelling but also for storing in my bathroom.

The top two ways I have integrated the Q-tips® Precision Tips™ into my routine are for my eye makeup and home mani/pedis. While putting on my eye makeup the pointed tips made it extremely easy to blend into the crease of my lid and create well defined color contrasts depending on my look. Another use I found was for a package of gel eye liner I have but have never had a chance to use because it came without an applicator! I was able to use one of the Q-tips® Precision Tips™ to apply the look with ease. The compliments I have received have been inspiring!

As for home mani/pedis I had already used regular Q-tips® but found that the rounded edge just didn’t clean up around my nail beds very well without smudging or removing the polish I wanted to stay put! The precision tip aspect allows me to sneak around the edge of my nail beds and even get underneath a nail when I’ve gotten a bit careless.

I am looking forward to taking these along with me on my trip out to Portland this summer for a friend’s wedding. Portable and reliable – it’s just the Q-tips® way!

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