January 2013 – BirchBox #8

Birchbox is a subscription service that sends a goody box full of high-end samples and sometimes full-size products based on the profile you complete to make sure they suit your needs/wants! The subscription costs $10/monthwhich is pretty reasonable seeing as the box itself can contain items WELL over that amount (note – I received my 1 year subscription as a gift for being a loyal customer of Cafe Escapes so check them out and tell them @KimB_2012 sent you). They also have a nice rewards program, where for each survey you complete for the products that are sent you get 10 points and then every 100 points earns you $10 in Birchbox credits which you can redeem in their online store for full-sized products. One feature I ♥ about their website is that it details featured items you might see in your box, featured items for next month’s box you might see and the tracking number for each package. Extremely helpful – especially to ensure that you received everything that was hand selected for you by Birchbox. Currently they are only offering this for women but I saw a link on their site that shows beta testing for men which would be really interesting! If this sounds like something you’re interested in, please use my referral link to join now


alessandro | Nail Polish in Blue Lagoon – Launching exclusively in the Birchbox Shop, this extra opque polish has a satiny formula and wide brush for easy application. (Full-size, $12)

  • First Impressions: Blue is not usually a color I keep in my color palette for ANY beauty products (unless it’s Halloween) so I wasn’t thrilled with it. I’m a professional and it would be frowned upon to wear such a non-traditional hue on my finger OR toe nails but I’ll gladly set it aside for vacation! I love the wide brush – I wish more nail polishes had that feature. $12 is quite steep for an entire bottle, though. I don’t even pay that much for OPI or Essie!

Harvey Prince | Skinny Chic – Get a glass of half-full disposition with this optimistic blend of crisp green apple, sweet mint, and gentle lotus blossom. This light, aromatic mix will exude confidence and turn heads. (Full-size, $21-55)

  • First Impressions: Let’s just say Birchbox has thrown me into yet another perfume crush. The second I spritzed this scent on my skin I was in love. It’s fresh yet sweet and didn’t give me a headache like some other perfumes. My husband got a good laugh at watching me sniff my wrist every few minutes last night. The only con – it doesn’t last very long. I put some on this morning around 6:30 am and I can’t smell it any more even though it’s only 11 am.

Ojon | damage reverse Instant Restorative Hair Serum – Repair stressed strands with this aromatic hair treatment – exotic ojon and macadamia oils work together to smooth and hydrate hair. (Full-size, $25)

  • First Impressions: My hair is naturally thin and errs on the side of oily so I’m not keen on adding any products that might exacerbate my chi. It smells amazing though and would seemingly work well for someone with dry/thick hair.

theBalm cosmetics | Put a Lid On It Eyelid Primer – Keep that pretty eye shadow crease-free with this stay-put primer, which also prevents smudges and smears. (Full-size, $18)

  • First Impressions: I’ve recently discovered why primer is SO important which means this was a perfect item to include in my Birchbox! I put some on this morning (prior to putting on eyeliner or shadow) and found that a very teeny tiny amount goes a LONG way – for both eyes! I will exercise caution when dispensing tomorrow morning but this morning I had to waste a bit of the product which was a shame. So far so good! My shadow AND liner went on flawlessly and still look as fresh as they did at 6:30 am.

Fresh | Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream – With antioxidant-rich lotus flower extracts, this lush moisturizer protects skin from radicals and hydrates for a full 24 hours. (Full-size, $24)

  • First Impressions: The cream came in a small packet which I found a bit tricky to use – especially all in one sitting. I didn’t care much for the “dandelion field” scent it gave off but it sure did its job well. I applied it last night after washing my face and usually by morning my moisturizer is nowhere to be found and in its wake small dry patches but even after showering my face still appeared well hydrated! I didn’t have to add anything extra before applying my makeup.

January’s box was so-so. I’m not entirely sold on the idea of paying $10 a month for the samples I’ve been sent so far but at least I’ve discovered 2 new fragrances to add to my collection. Remember, if you want to purchase a subscription use my link to join!


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