Palmolive Fresh Infusions

I am sure most of you are asking yourself What’s a VoxBox? What’s Influenster? which is exactly the reaction I initially had just under a year ago after hearing the names for the first time. Influenster is a trendsetter community that uses your influence in order to qualify for complimentary PRODUCT SHIPMENTS, REWARDS & DEALS fit for your lifestyle. The more active you are, the more perks you get – easy as pie! A VoxBox is the technical term for the shipment of goodies you’ll receive if you are selected to product test once you’ve (in most cases) completed a simple survey. You can also increase the chance of being selected by connecting to and unlocking as many Influence Badges as possible once you create your profile.

Recently I was selected to participate in the #PalmoliveFreshInfusions campaign:


For this campaign I was sent 3 free, full size bottles of Palmolive‘s new line of Fresh Infusions dish soap. The scents I received are: Ginger White tea, Lemon Thyme and Lime Basil. All 3 smell amazing by Ginger White Tea is my current favorite. The other 2 make my kitchen smell like Spring stopped by for a visit though!

I gave the Ginger White Tea a test run last night on some dishes that had been sitting in my sink for far longer than I prefer but I digress. I put a little of the soap in my “magic” sponge wand and went to work. I was SHOCKED at how sudsy the product without having to use a ton at a time. I was able to clean a few dishes at a time with ease before having to dispense a little more. The scent was noticeable but not overbearing and my hands felt almost conditioned after I was done. I shared the Lime one with my MIL and she is now a huge fan as well! 🙂

For those that might not be big on scented products you can always opt to use gloves to prevent the scent from lingering on your skin afterward. Personally, I really enjoyed that aspect being a “scentsy” gal. Overall I am extremely impressed and proud to have a supply of Palmolive Fresh Infusions in my household.

If you’re interested in trying them out for yourself just visit your local Walmart where you can pick up a bottle for as little $2.96 for a 16 oz bottle – less if you score a coupon, great sale or both!


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