Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Foam – Light Blonde

It’s a rare occurrence for me to color my hair in any way, shape or form but recently I received a coupon to try a free box of Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Foam (regularly retails for around $6.99-$7.99 a box) so I figured it was high time to take a little gamble in the hair department. My natural hair color as a child was borderline “white blonde” but as I got older it settled into more of an extremely dark blonde hue. It’s winter so one would expect that I’d go darker but I opted to go in the opposite direction – Light Blonde:


I was a little nervous that I wouldn’t do it correctly (i.e. missing strands of hair, overcoloring an area, etc) but upon opening the box and reading the instructions I realized that it might possibly be “Kim proof”! Not having colored my hair in several years I was expecting a tricky liquid combo that had the potential to stain clothing and even my skin BUT the foam was amazing. Just a few short, easy steps (most important being to not shake the contents) and I was ready to color. I did set out a towel on the floor and put on a t-shirt I didn’t mind donating to the trash justincase.

The foam was extremely elementary to apply although it seemed like it would go on forever. The insutrctions advise that most people will not use the entire contents of the bottle – especially those with shorter hair – so I didn’t stress too much when at least 1/4 of the bottle remained after my hair was thoroughly saturated. Bonus – there wasn’t ANY dripping! Once the foam was absorbed into my hair it stayed put for lack of a better description. I wound up twisting my hair and piling it on top of my head where it stayed for the 25 minute waiting period.

The last step was to rinse the formula out of my hair (still wearing the gloves) then apply the conditioner that was included in the package. Both my husband and myself were pleased that there wasn’t any annoying ammonia smell – the conditioner left my hair feeling soft, sleek, shiny and smelling just like any other Garnier Nutrisse product.

Verdict – I am extremely pleased with this product. I was hoping my hair would be a bit closer to the blonde color shown on the front of the package BUT having started with darker hair the color I ended up with is almost identical to what the package indicated would be my personal result. I highly recommend this product for both novices and professionals alike.


Before AFTER: Image


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