December 2012 – Birchbox #7


Birchbox is a subscription service that sends a goody box full of high-end samples and sometimes full-size products based on the profile you complete to make sure they suit your needs/wants! The subscription costs $10/monthwhich is pretty reasonable seeing as the box itself can contain items WELL over that amount (note – I received my 1 year subscription as a gift for being a loyal customer of Cafe Escapes so check them out and tell them @KimB_2012 sent you). They also have a nice rewards program, where for each survey you complete for the products that are sent you get 10 points and then every 100 points earns you $10 in Birchbox credits which you can redeem in their online store for full-sized products. One feature I ♥ about their website is that it details featured items you might see in your box, featured items for next month’s box you might see and the tracking number for each package. Extremely helpful – especially to ensure that you received everything that was hand selected for you by Birchbox. Currently they are only offering this for women but I saw a link on their site that shows beta testing for men which would be really interesting! If this sounds like something you’re interested in, please use my referral link to join now

Frownies | Eye Gels – Fight puffy dark circles with these innovative undereye patches, which are soaked with cactus-derived collagen and toning niacin. (Full-size, $29.95)

  • First Impressions: My curiosity was piqued when I saw this item in the December Birchbox. I’ve used creams and even goodold cucumber slices in the past but never seen anything quite like this treatment. It’s really relaxing and easy to use BUT the package boasts about the product being reusable if you have extra solution and a case to soak the pads in. Neither of which were sent along with the sample. It’s impossible to accurately report my opinion without using the product (for multiple days) as it is intended.

Juicy Couture | Juicy Couture – Juicy’s signature fragranceis a blend of sweet and floral notes. Sophisticated and feminine, it’s perfect for day or night. (Full-size, $19-$89)

  • First Impressions: I absolutely ♥ Juicy Couture’s Viva La JUicy La Fleur perfume (which was in a previous Birchbox) so I was anxious to try another sample another scent. Straight out of the bottle it didn’t “wow” me nor did I feel anything ♥ for it when I first tried it on. BUT after allowing it to mingle with my own body chemistry for a bit the scent definitely started to grow on me. It started out smelling a bit on the musky side and now a few hours later it’s a very subtle, delicate, sweet smelling perfume. You’d have to be fairly close to pick up on it which is how I believe any perfume/cologne should be.

Number 4 | Clarifying Shampoo – Get over your lather addiction. Gentle enough for everyday use, this unique cleanser features a low-suds formula that removes build-up without stripping hair of essential oils. (Full-size, $32)

  • First Impressions: The shampoo itself is extremely fresh/clean smelling – a change from my usual sweetly scented cleansers. If it wasn’t for the detailed desription I would have probably tossed the bottle out as the product definitely does not lather up the way every other shampoo I am familiar with does. In fact, it feels a bit thick and takes a bit of work to massage through your hair and over your scalp but that doesn’t mean a little hard work doesn’t pay off. My hair feels sleeker, smoother and quite a bit softer than normal. I only wish they had sent along a sample of the conditioner so that I could definitely say that the shampoo/conditioner combo were the reason for my hair feeling so incredible instead of the combo of the new shampoo with a different brand conditioner.

Per-fekt Beauty | Lash Perfection Gel – Amp up your lashes with this multitasking primer, conditioner and mascara. (Full-size, $28.50)

  • First Impressions: I tried this product out this morning and right out the gate I wadn’t all that impressed. The sample itself is super tiny and when I pulled the wand out of the tube the entire brush was covered in clumpy mascara. Even though I knew that mess would wind up all over my lashes I still gave it a try on one of my eyes and I wound up looking like a tarantula gone wild. Perhaps it was just a bad sample and that the full size version controls the amount of product that comes out on the wand but I won’t be able to tell you that personally.

Tea Forte | skin-smart Teas – A mega-antioxidant tea that tastes amazing and helps our skin look more radiant? Yes, please. (16 tea bags, $6)

  • First Impressions: The 3 flavors of green tea I received were Honey Yuzu, Cucumber Mint and Cherry Marzipan. Honey Yuzu and Cherry Marzipan were my faves but I didn’t care so much for the Cucumber Mint blend. As suspected there isn’t a significant/noticeable change in your skin BUT it’s healthy for you and a few extra nutrients never hurt anyone. I’m a sucker for tea!

December’s box was much better than November’s but still not as impressive as some earlier ones I received. I secretly was hoping for more holiday geared items to test!  Remember, if you want to purchase a subscription use my link to join!


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