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güd Orange Petalooza™ Natural Body Lotion

I received a complimentary bottle of güd Orange Petalooza™  Natural Body Lotion from Klout to try recently:

güd is a brand new natural personal care line by Burt’s Bees. Knowing how much I ♥ Burt’s Bees I was really curious and a bit excited to try out these new products – especially with the natural claim being the a main part of the buzz in terms of their advertising campaign. This morning I decided to give the güd Orange Petalooza™  Natural Body Lotion a whirl and these are my personal opinions and observations:

Pros: I adore the fact that it has never been tested on animals and there aren’t any  parabens, phthalates or petrochemicals according to their website. The scent was extremely pleasant but not overpowering which is a plus considering most of my beauty products are already scented and I love to wear perfume. 😀 Another positive attribute to the lotion is that is a bit on the thicker side. There’s nothing worse for me than a lotion that turns watery on my skin or leaves behind an oily residue like some others I have tried.

Cons: However, I was mildly disappointed with the actual application of the product. The label on the lotion itself says that it blends in easily but that was not the case for me this morning. I first applied about a dime sized amount to my legs and it took a lot of effort to get my skin to absorb it AND it didn’t spread very evenly. The area that received the most lotion was where I originally applied the first dab. Immediately after my skin had a bit of a drag to it whereas I prefer a more silky glide when it comes to lotion.

1.5 hours later my skin is definitely more on the smooth side as my skin has had a fair chance to absorb the product so it’s definitely not a product I’d rule out of my beauty regimen while I still have product remaining or receive another sample but I don’t anticipate running out to buy it again on my own unless there’s a great sale or coupon available.

If you’d like to try it for yourself, there’s a $1 coupon available on their website as well as samples being given away on their Facebook page.

Venus & Olay Razor

I was selected to receive a complimentary Venus & Olay razor via Influenster’s VoxBox program:

Personal care items always tend to go through phases and razors are no exception! It seems like 2012 has become the year of the most innovative razors EVER for women so I was really excited when the brand new Venus & Olay razor was in my Influenster LoveVoxBox! Here are a few fun facts and observations about the razor itself:

  • The Venus part of the partnership is that it comes with 5 razor blades that seem to mold themselves to the natural twists and turns of my body which has significantly reduced the number of nicks or razor burned areas I am left with.
  • I am able to save on shaving cream/gel as the Olay part of the partnership only requires a little sprinkle of water for the lubricating area to go to work protecting my legs and leaving them incredibly moisturized!

In other words, it’s about time that Venus and Olay started dating one another! 😀 The blend is absolute perfection. Not only are the sensitive areas of my body left looking and feeling flawless they also SMELL amazing too! What an incredible, genius combination. Way to go!


Truvía® natural sweetener Product Review

I received a complimentary Truvía® natural sweetener product through Influenster’s VoxBox Program:

I consider myself to be quite the sugar (both artificial and natural) connoisseur being that I drink between 6-8 cups of green tea per day! I’ve tried every combination of sweetener out on the market from honey to sucralose to natural sugar etc. and I’ve only really been impressed by one brand up until Truvia! Some of Truvia’s strong points are:

  • It mixes easily into beverages both hot and cold alike.
  • It has an extremely mild aftertaste (as opposed to others that I have tried that were overbearing) that is only really noticeable when I taste it directly from the package or sprinkle it over fresh fruit.
  • The container the sample came in made it easy to carry along with me. No loose packet = one happy camper!
  • It’s affordable.
  • My fiance can only notice a difference in baking when I tell him I didn’t use real sugar. 😀

Overall I am extremely pleased with the product and grateful to have been chosen as a taste tester for Influenster!