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Luna Bar – Peanut Honey Pretzel

Luna changed the way that I viewed “health foods” a few years back. No matter what flavor I opted for I was always confident that I was making a wise decision for my body even though most of the flavors emulate candy bars! Every Luna bar is made with 70% organic ingredients and are rich in many important nutrients especially calcium and protein with a reasonable amount of calories!

My first favorite flavor was Nutz Over Chocolate (which I must say is a clever name). Then it was ♥ at first bite with Vanilla Almond (that I no longer can find in stores near me to my disappointment). A few other favorites have been Chocolate Peppermint Stick and Peanut Butter Cookie. BUT nothing has come close to the new flavor that was waiting for me at my local Super Target recently – Peanut Honey Pretzel:

The mixture is spot on and creates such a curious texture/taste/sound in my mouth for lack of sounding a bit childish! The crunch of the peanuts, the saltiness of the pretzels all coated in honey would have NEVER entered my mind as being something I’d enjoy but I’m hooked! At 190 calories a pop it makes the ideal afternoon treat at work or even on the go! Plus Mambo Sprouts usually puts out $.50/1 coupons for the individual bars that make them around $.50-$.60 a piece depending on where you buy them. Savings and great taste = a happy camper.

One other amazing thing about Luna bars is the little inspirational blurbs they have on the back of each wrapper. It’s just something small to make you smile and push you to share your own stories of thanks or inspiration!

Pantene Curly Hair Series Professional Level Damage Repair Ampoules

Through a recent giveaway on Facebook I was given the opportunity to test a product from Pantene’s Curly Hair series by the name of Professional Level Damage Repair Ampoules:

Now, for those that know me in real life your might be scratching your head and rocking a very inquisitive look on your face because you know my hair is straighter than a ruler! But the product was 1.) FREE and 2.) it promised strengthen any damaged ends and protect against future damage in about 5 minutes so I just had to give it a try.

The package containing the 5 individual bottles was a tad tricky to open (I thought I’d sustain a plastic cut but I was fairly fortunate) but luckily the twist top for the product itself was less challenging. I opted to shampoo my hair first and then use the Damage Repair in lieu of my conditioner which was an extremely smart move. As soon as I applied the product I could almost feel my strands sigh with relief as my fingers glided effortlessly through them in spite of the fact that my last haircut was well over 2 months ago. After rinsing and towel drying, I was truly able to see the effect the Damage Repair had on my hair!

First of all it smelled REALLY wonderful. Second of all I could not keep my hands out of my hair. I felt like I was auditioning for a commercial with the way I kept tossing and twirling the strands. As soon as my fiance got home from work I immediately made him inspect the results and even he was pretty impressed. Much softer and manageable than usual plus it seemed to have just a hint bit more shine than usual.

All in all I give it an A but I’m really curious to see how someone WITH curly hair actually feels about the product! 😀 It retails for around $5.97 a pack at Walmart.

Lemi Shine

I recently did product testing for a few of Lemi Shine’s products via their Facebook page. Before the products arrived, I went ahead and did a little research on the company and was pleased to find out that Lemi Shine products are comprised of 100% all natural fruit acids and oils which is a nice change from phosphates or fillers found in other similar products. Environmentally friendly = EXCELLENT in my book. With the whole natural/organic movement taking off this is a really positive selling point and I know a lot of my friends will be curious to try it out based on that fact alone!

I currently live in an apartment setting (same one for 4.5 years) so I was extremely eager to try out their Lemi Shine Dish Detergent Additive.

The instructions on the bottle let me know that this product also doubles as a dishwasher cleaner as well as a great partner to work in tandem with my regular dishwasher detergent/tabs. If you’ve ever lived in an apartment or rented from someone period you KNOW how grungy shared appliances can get and mine was at the top of that list. The first thing I noticed when opening the package was the BRILLIANT scent. If I had my eyes closed I would have sworn someone had just sliced a fresh lemon in front of me!  I then followed the instructions on the bottle for how to run my very first cycle with an empty dishwasher and let the product soak for around 4 hours mid-cycle. My entire apartment smelled clean and after allowing the cycle to run its course I opened the door to see the results: ASTOUNDING! All of the buildup I had on the walls and the bottom of the washer were gone which is saying a lot for a dishwasher that has seen better days. I couldn’t even wait for a full load to collect before I ran my first cycle with my dishes. My glasses came out cleaner than I ever imagined possible and paled in comparison to cycles done with just my usual detergent tab alone! I definitely will be purchasing some more when my current product runs out.

The second product I tested the Lemi Shine Rinse which I used in place of my usual rinse product (I had just run out so it was perfect timing).

Again, the scent was immediately noticeable and was easy to pour into the appropriate dispenser. I am not sure if it was the Lemi Shine Detergent Additive, the Lemi Shine Rinse or the combination of both but I’m pretty impressed with the way my dishes came out. I had confidence in their cleanliness that I didn’t even realize was lacking before.

The third and final product I tested was Lemi Shine Machine Cleaner.

This product is very versatile in that it can be used for most kitchen appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines and disposals. It advises to use 2 packs for the washing machine for the first cleansing so I added them in and really let the product soak in as I am positive the machine has never been cleaned before. I then used the last packet to give a nice, deep cleaning to the garbage disposal (I used to just use regular dish soap). It’s hard to tell what difference it made on the garbage disposal but the washing machine seemed to be a little less grimy for lack of a better description. The next time I washed clothes I really reveled in the fact that my clothes would have a lot less “extras” on them from the water and other junk left behind!

Overall I was extremely impressed with the Lemi Shine line. The price for each item is under $4 other than the Lemi Shine Septic Treatment product that I did not test which makes the line completely affordable especially paired with coupons and/or a sale.

Lemi Shine has generously offered to supply 3 totes with 1 of each of these products in it for 3 lucky fans! The details of the contest are coming soon and the first requirement will be to ‘Like’ Lemi Shine’s Facebook page located here: so don’t waste anytime and head on over there!

A representative from Lemi Shine will be on standby to answer any questions you might have about their products so please feel free to post your questions to their wall or in the comments section below this post!